BIL is an open analog to TED. It’s a volunteer run group who enjoys the TED themes (Technology, Entertainment, Design) without the pretension and expense.

Lisa Winter Are Robots Trying to Kill Us?
Isica Lynn Let’s #BuyTwitter
Y-vonne Hutchinson Surviving the 4th Industrial Revolution
John Chisholm Good Regulation Emerges from and Evolves with Society
Alexander Levy ‘Plumbing the depths of chemistry and computation’.
Christine Peterson Cyber Risk: My favorite catastrophic risk & how to fix it.
Allison Duettmann Why Existential Risks matter – and some decentralized approaches to reducing risks.
Kate Ludicrum No Exit: What Silicon Valley Can Learn From Hollywood.
Joshua Goldbard Crisis Management at Parties
Erin Rapacki When the Robots Don’t Work
Guido Nuñez Developing GMOs for Development
Adrienne St. Aubin Putting the Disco Back in Discomfort
Monica Anderson Why AI Works – The Epistemology of Deep Learning
Liz Klinger A Fucking Basic Human Need
Steve Burgess Nanotech & Abundance: What, How, and Why?



In short, BIL is an open, self-organizing, emergent, arts, science, society and technology unconference inspired by the highly-restrictive TED Conference. In many ways, BIL is the analog to TED. While it started out being held near the famous TED Conference during the trailing weekend, it has grown to a stand alone unconference anywhere self-organizing altruistic change makers consciously come together.