Chia Amisola
My computer never asks me how many computers I had before

Internet artist Chia Amisola performs the browser, and treats the browser as performance in a hypertext symphony of desktop & live ambient.

Chia Amisola
My computer never asks me how many computers I had before
Opening performance by exteeng

Friday, July 26, 2024

Doors: 8PM

All Ages

Standing Performance

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About the Show

"Let's turn our computers into flowers, rains, suns..."

Join us at Gray Area on July 26th for a special evening of ambient performances, led by Gray Area Incubator Artist Chia Amisola. Headlining with their poetic ambient work, My computer never asks me how many computers I had before, Amisola will be joined by multimedia artist and DJ exteeng and other invited artists exploring the boundaries of sound, HTML, and live A/V performance.

Amisola's internet ambient performances splay hundreds of windows across the screen, inhabiting the internet as they read the text on a website, its metadata, desktop icons, the terminal, and then their own browser history. Accompanied by live ambient and samples drawn from fields to abandoned blogs, their performances live between a poetry reading, desktop performance, and durational ambient performance. Intimate as it is inhabited and embodied, they click, scroll, stutter, lag, click, and refresh, bringing us to realize the internet is a place we make, and can fill.

Chia Amisola (b. 2000, Manila) is an internet & ambient artist and designer devoted to the internet’s loss, love, labor, and liberation. Their (web)site-specific practice (websites, tools, performance) posits creation as synonymous with liberation. Activated as 'internet ambient', dense / durational / networked desktop readings where hypertext is performance, they touch on the defaults, opacities, and infrastructural intimacies of the internet as an ecology, territory, and atmosphere.

With practice dating back to 2006, including writing & software (such as gamemaking tools as games), digital intimacy (whenwe.love), placemaking & territories (their manifesto, thesoundof.love, on domain naming), religion & ritual (Visita), folk archival (Philippine Internet Archive), teaching & organizing (including pro-bono organizing 100+ events across 7+ years of programming with Developh), artifacts & performances (the performance of the browser, the browser as performance), amongst others.

They are the organizer of Developh, a critical technology institute based in the Philippines they founded in 2016, and the Philippine Internet Archive. Most recently, they've curated & programmed working on KAKAKOMPYUTER MO YAN!, an exhibition of Filipino networking cultures. They graduated with a BA in Computing & the Arts with distinction from Yale University in 2022, receiving the Sudler Prize for the creative arts. They currently are a NEW INC Art & Code member, were a Fellow of the Processing Foundation, resident at Gray Area (US), Yale Center for Collaborative Arts & Media, and the Internet Archive's DWeb Camp. They have spoken internationally at the Grace Hopper Celebration (US), Causal Islands, UX+ (Philippines), Naive Yearly (Denmark) have been internationally exhibited at /rosa (Germany) and Now Play This (UK), performed at CultureHub (NYC), panke.gallery (Germany), and 98B (Philippines), recently published in Runway Journal (AUS),Runway Journal (AUS), The HTML Review, and Rappler and have been featured in El País, Frieze, and The New Yorker.

Internet Ambient Workshop

Friday, July 26

Join us for a special workshop-performance led by Chia Amisola before the show. The Internet Ambient Workshop is an introduction to the sound of a poetic & ambient web: shaping ecosystems with computers, website-making as world-making, interdependent internet publishing, and embedding field recording & deep listening practices to the online.


About the Artists

Chia Amisola

Chia Amisola is an internet & ambient artist from Manila, Philippines. Amidst a postcolonial internet of extremes, their (web)site-specific art (sites, poetry, games, social networks, archives, & tools) posits self-preservation as communal preservation, creation as synonymous with liberation, and identity as a source of infrastructure-building. They received a BA in Computing & the Arts from Yale University in 2022 and are a NEW INC Art & Code member. They are the Founder of the Filipino critical technology institute Developh and the Philippine Internet Archive, operating on the premise that the history of the Filipino internet is the history of people.


Chris Giang (exteeng) is a multimedia artist, DJ and data scientist based in Oakland, CA. Her soundscape work seeks to unearth a tenderness hidden in the terrain of the ordinary. Infusing it with the ethos of experimentation and deconstruction, she crushes pop culture and interrupts its form, refiguring it into an expression of the heart. Her live sets are an audial component of a larger sensory practice which connects forms of tea, flowers, and incense through  handmade ceramics. She uses her wares to conduct tea ceremonies at her own exhibitions and in tandem with the work of other collaborators. Integrating other components of her art practice, she attempts to create more immersive and intimate experiences outside of the typical club context. She is a resident artist/event producer at B4BEL4B, and is under the music collective Bread SF. As a local performer, she is frequently in shows with Fake and Gay, Squish SF, and Queerbait. Over the past few years she has played Boiler Room in San Francisco, as well as internationally in Taipei, Seoul, Vancouver and Hong Kong. She has produced mixes for NTS, Hong Kong Community Radio (HKCR), Internet Public Radio (IPR), and Taipei Community Radio (TCR) that can be found on her Soundcloud. (soundcloud.com/exteeng)

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