Internet Ambient Workshop
with Chia Amisola

The internet is an ecology, and our websites contain its flowers, clouds, stones, & tides. This workshop-performance is an introduction to the sound of a poetic and ambient web: shaping ecosystems with computers, website-making as world-making, interdependent internet publishing, and embedding field recording and deep listening practices to the online.

Course Logistics

Friday, July 26, 2024


Sliding Scale $25-50

Experience Level:
– Beginner to Advanced

Course Materials:
– Audience members are requested to bring a laptop or tablet. No previous coding experience is required.

Course Outline

– Intro-Performance: 'Internet ambient': internet as ecology, websites as a medium, sounding the web
– Infrastructure: Set up on Glitch, intro to world logic & code
– Performing websites (Actions): Sounding, altering parameters, adding buttons
– Interdependence (Reactions): Setting up reactions to other websites
– (Site)making (New Objects): Websites as an act of placemaking on the web
– Internet Ambient Jam: Group performance

Additional Information:
– No Refunds or Exchanges.
– View our FAQ here.
– Contact [email protected] with any questions.

Educational Goals

This is a workshop on sound, websites, networking, and performance. Resisting the silent and subtle nature of the internet through poetic acts of website making and alternative means of 'reading' websites, we'll draw from histories of hypertext, networking, and desktop performance to shape a joint internet ecology, performing a web anew together.

Sample Outcome:

About Technologies

We'll manipulate handmade websites with HTML/CSS/JS and jQuery, play with multiple windows using window.open and iFrames, and learn a bit more about the interdependent nature of the internet through Websockets.

My computer never asks me how many computers I had before

Friday, July 26

Your enrollment gives you free access to Chia Amisola's performance of their work My computer never asks me how many computers I had before later that day! Amisola's internet ambient performances splay hundreds of windows across the screen, inhabiting the internet as they read the text on a website, its metadata, desktop icons, the terminal, and then their own browser history. Accompanied by live ambient and samples drawn from fields to abandoned blogs, their performances live between a poetry reading, desktop performance, and durational ambient performance. Intimate as it is inhabited and embodied, they click, scroll, stutter, lag, click, and refresh, bringing us to realize the internet is a place we make, and can fill.


About the Instructor

Chia Amisola

Chia Amisola is an internet & ambient artist from Manila, Philippines. Amidst a postcolonial internet of extremes, their (web)site-specific art (sites, poetry, games, social networks, archives, & tools) posits self-preservation as communal preservation, creation as synonymous with liberation, and identity as a source of infrastructure-building. They received a BA in Computing & the Arts from Yale University in 2022 and are a NEW INC Art & Code member. They are the Founder of the Filipino critical technology institute Developh and the Philippine Internet Archive, operating on the premise that the history of the Filipino internet is the history of people.

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