Creative Code Meetup XXVI: Eskil Steenberg

For our August Creative Code Meetup we are excited to have a special presentation by Eskil Steenberg, the game developer behind the otherworldly first person experience: Love! Steenberg has been developing Love for five years alone and without funding.

$5-$20 Sliding Scale Entry

6pm: Doors/Bar open
7pm: Presentation by Eskil Steenberg
8pm: Doors close


Eskil Steenberg

Eskil Steenberg works as an independent researcher and developer trying to be his very own little "Xerox PARC", "Lucasfilm R&D" or "Skunk Works". He works in the areas of graphics, interface design, networking, game design, film and society. Steenberg has given talks and consulted at: GDC, Siggraph, GDCE, FITC, The blender conference, Eurographics, Blizzard, EA, Sony, Sony Imageworks, ILM, Media molecule, Google, Pixar, CAA, BBC, Autodesk, SideFX, The Foundry, and many more.  When Eskil is not programming he is usually traveling, reading wikipedia or writing film scripts.