Creative Resource Library
Synth Session

A monthly free-to-all electronic music workshop & collaborative jam session held in the Gray Area lobby.

Monday March 25, 2024

6PM Mini Workshop
7PM Group Jam Session

Free RSVP (Limited capacity)

View our FAQ page for more info, or contact us at [email protected] with any accommodation requests.

Please Note that the March Synth Session has been postponed to April.
New Dates coming soon!

Gray Area, ZERO1, and Crowbar Corner are proud to present Synth Sessions, a free hands-on workshop and group jam open to all levels to expand your sonic horizons.

Every month, participants learn about a new synthesis topic (drones, sequencing, sound design, etc.), then collaborate on a group jam that will propel the workshop sounds into the beyond!

Participants are encouraged to bring their own electronic instrument or use one from the Creative Resource Library (limited availability). Participants can also preview the instruments available from the Library and sign up to borrow one after the session. We have full modular systems, desktop synths and drum machines and a selection of Macbooks, iPads, midi controllers, and audio interfaces.

The workshop begins promptly at 6pm, followed by group jam time beginning at 7pm. There will be time at the end of the workshop for general questions and advice about synthesis. Please arrive in time to set up your instrument(s) before the jam begins.

This month's theme is: Groove: Intro to Programming Synth Drums

Led by Andre Duque, our mini workshop this month will explore drum programming and how to create an effective groove with samples in your DAW and the drum machines in the Creative Resource Library.

About the Instructor

Andre Duque

A San Francisco native, Andre has been producing music for over a decade and holds a degree in audio production and recording. With a background in education, Andre has mentored youth in the Bay Area helping them find their voice in electronic music. He’s an active member of the local electronic music community, co-founding a local record label and event crew, Cult Freq. Cult Freq explores forward-thinking electronic music while uplifting local talent. Andre believes in building communities with a focus on uplifting the lesser-known talents in the community. He aims to cultivate an inviting space that inspires others to be more involved and push the boundaries of how we create spaces for one another.

Marcus Leitner

Marcus Leitner (he/him) is a media composer and sound designer. In his role as one of the creative content coordinators at Gray Area, he helps create social media content, runs the Creative Resource Library and its associated events, and works as a lighting technician. As a composer, his background in playing and performing acoustic and electronic instruments informs his music practice, one that focuses on texture and evolving soundscapes. A long-time electronic music producer, he is an expert user of Ableton, Logic Pro X, VCV Rack, as well as numerous hardware instruments.

The Creative Resource Library is a collaboration between Crowbar Corner, ZERO1, and Gray Area.

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