Siete Catorce (Live), DJ Lag, Only Now and Tr4vi3za

Gray Area and Club Chai are excited to present a special night featuring intricate drum work, eclectic rhythms, and dark, minimalist beats.

Doors: 9:00pm
Show: 9:30pm

Gray Area and Club Chai are excited to present a special night featuring intricate drum work, eclectic rhythms, and dark, minimalist beats. Our headliners hail from Mexico (Siete Catorce) and South Africa (DJ Lag) so expect unique sounds and visuals.

Mexicali producer Marco Polo Gutierrez aka Siete Catorce is one of the best and most exciting things to happened in Mexican electronic music in the last five years; he captures the essence of the times (as he did with his second EP released by N.A.A.F.I): dark and desolate, but open to every possibility.

Siete Catorce and DJ Lag are at the forefront of minimalist electronic rhythm making. Lose yourself in intricate drum work, eclectic rhythms, and dark, minimalist beats by two artists advancing electronic music. Bay Area artists Only Now and Tr4vi3za share the stage this evening, with Only Now aka Kush Arora bringing a live show, with reactive midi visuals as well with the genre mutants of gqom, industrial/ambient, and kuduro. Tr4vi3za opening the show with an innovative and upbeat set.


Siete Catorce

Siete Catorce began as an alternate project of 22-year old producer Marco Polo Gutierrez. Though initially reminiscent of new cumbia, the project soon went on to form a unique and signature sound. His tracks’ have gained notoriety through their unique mesh of tropical rhythms, both old and new, coupled with intricate drum work –– influenced by styles like dubstep, drum n bass and footwork (to name a few) –– which are often characterized by a disquieting tone, exacerbated by poignant piano motifs and ominous atmospherics. Siete Catorce has quickly scaled the ranks of Mexico’s electronic music elite, thanks in no small part to an unparalleled unanimity among his peers regarding his talent. He has performed in every noteworthy festival and event in his native Mexico (including MUTEK, Boiler Room and Festival Nrmal), and has seen significantly positive reception abroad, playing in cities that include Lima, Bogota, Berlin, Stockholm, and San José (Costa Rica). In addition to his work as Siete Catorce, Guiterrez has received much praise for his productions under other aliases like den5hion, an airy and lugubrious take on dubstep in the vein of Burial; Sin Amigos, a bouncy rendition of four-to-floor tech-house colored by intermittent field recordings. Most noteworthy among his ventures are his collaborations with Mexico City-based label/crew NAAFI and his work with Mexico’s ruidosón movement.


History will remember DJ LAG as a pioneer who propelled the quintessentially Durban Gqom sound beyond the confines of the coastal city, straight into the capitals of the international electronic music industry. At first listen, it might not appear that Gqom’s minimalist, bass-heavy sound would take Lwazi Asanda Gwala from Clermont township in Durban to commanding dancefloors around the world, but DJ Lag’s superb production skills have played a big part in transforming a sub-genre of house that began soundtracking taxi trips around Durban to an enviably innovative participant in the global scene. Since he first surfaced several years ago, DJ Lag has played several major South African events, including the 2015 Johannesburg-leg of Boiler Room, and the 2016 Cape Town Electronic Music Festival. He also shared a platform with electronic music heavyweights Skrillex and Euphonik at the Bridges For Music knowledge-sharing workshop held in Kliptown, Soweto, in February 2016. ͞”I believe gqom will be way bigger than deep house,” DJ Lag says of the genre that he’s leading. Following his set at the G-Star Raw x Boiler Room Sessions in Johannesburg in 2015, New York-based The Fader wrote: “DJ LAG stepped up to the decks to show exactly why everyone’s going crazy for Gqom. The minimal house genre born from the coastal city of Durban is dark, heated, and easy to lose yourself in.” Felix a.k.a producer Moleskin, a co-founder of London label Goon Club Allstars – which released DJ Lag’s self-titled EP – told Dazed & Confused: ͞”When I first heard Gqom it felt like music that I’d been waiting to hear.” “Gqom music makes you think of fun, nothing else but fun,” DJ Lag told The Wire in January 2017. And the fun of Gqom is evident in the video for “Ice Drop,” one of four tracks off DJ Lag’s acclaimed self-titled EP, issued in November 2016 by Goon Club Allstars. The video features several stunning overhead shots of DJ Lag’s local neighbourhoods in KwaDabeka and Clermont, intercut with shots of the artist’s immediate environment – both providing a glimpse into the context in which his hypnotic, infectious Gqom tunes are created. The 21-year-old made his live global debut in the closing months of 2016, starting at the Unsound Festival in Poland and finishing up at Seoul’s Cake Shop nearly a month later. He’s got a string of international dates lined up for 2017, springboarding off an epic 3-shows-in-3-weekends-in-3 cities tour that closed out 2016 as DJ Lag launched his EP to his South African fans. Switzerland and the Donau Festival in Austria are just some of the electronic music hotspots where music fans will experience the Gqom King’s ability to use the sparsest production tools to create some of the most evocative, soulful even, electronic music around. It’s a stunning rise for an artist just in his 20s. But, DJ Lag’s ready to put in the work required for longevity in a hard business. As he told OkayAfrica in 2016, ͞”If you’re following your passion you don’t feel much pressure. I’m taking it one step at a time to see where it’s actually heading. So far it’s going proper and we’re just hoping for the best. We’re just working as a team with the rest of the gqom guys—we’re just working as a unit. I don’t feel much pressure—it’s not like I’m on top top top—I’m just on my way.”

Only Now

Only Now is the land where cyberpunk visions, ancient rhythms, and cult explorations into cosmic sound collide for profound results. Tuned metal, proto-real synthesis, and obsidian walls of atmosphere make up this reality unto itself. The project is a result of San Francisco based Kush Arora, who for over 19 years has produced uncompromising underground music. Whether he’s making Indo Caribbean dancehall, reworking kuduro, or creating ambience, his signature sound traverses genre lines and connects dots few dare to combine. Influences can be heard from Buraka Som Sistema to Wax Trax Records and haunting film soundtracks peppering Only Now. Definitions can only describe so much, Only Now’s roots lie with unbridled experimentation and a wall of sonic low end.


Tr4VI3ZA was born and raised in the border cities of Tijuana // San Diego. Growing up and living with the soundscapes of militarized border violence has had a heavy impact her sonic imagination, shapes the way she perceives memory and catalyzes her need to cultivate spaces that transport people into utopian worlds. Layering field recordings of mass community-based mobilizations with ancestral dance rhythms TR4VI3ZA allows us to imagine what a world without prisons, without borders and without presidents can feel like.  #NiUnaMas #NiUnaMenos #NosFaltan #43


Club Chai

CLUB CHAI is a label, event series & curatorial project by DJs/producers FOOZOOL & 8ULENTINA in Oakland, California.