Interactive Face-Tracking Workshop

Learn how to integrate the newest face-tracking technologies into your artistic toolkit

Workshop Overview

This workshop will give a brief overview of the face-tracking technology landscape and help you build your own interactive face-tracking installation. We’ll cover the fundamentals of how face-tracking works, how to recognize certain facial expressions and gestures, and how these can be applied in an artistic or design project.

Workshop Logistics

Date: Two-day workshop meets 6pm-9pm on Tuesday, January 22nd & Thursday, January 24th, 2019
Cost: $240 (6hrs x $40/hr)
Experience Level: Beginner to advanced
Requirements: Bring a Laptop

Workshop Outline

- Fundamentals of facial recognition/tracking
- BRFv4/p5.js setup
- Working with vertices
- Facial expressions & gestures
- Texture mapping & animations
- Building your own project

About Technologies

This workshop will focus on face-tracking using BRFv4 & p5.js. BRFv4 is a highly-accurate face-tracking library made by Tastenkunst. We’ll visualize its output with p5.js, a javascript library for drawing things on the web. We’ll also briefly cover other face-tracking libraries, including ARKit and ofxFaceTracker for OpenFrameworks, and you’ll be free to use whichever library you are most comfortable working with in your own project.

Part of the Creative Coding Workshop Series

There are 4 workshops from Jan 22 - Feb 21st, 2019

- Interactive Face-Tracking Workshop
- Pixel Mapping for the Stage Workshop
- 3D Cinematic Environments Workshop
- Generative 3D Modeling Workshop

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Enroll in multiple workshops receive a discount

- 10% discount for 2 workshops
- 15% discount for 3 workshops
- 20% discount for 4 workshops

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Elliott Spelman

Elliott Spelman is a Bay Area artist and designer. He is the founder of facegames, an interaction design studio focused on assistive technology, facial interaction, and gesture recognition. He works part-time for the artist Jim Campbell, helping out with different camera and screen installations, including the lights at the top of the new Salesforce Tower. Elliott has previously worked for Lightform, Symmetry Labs, Pace Gallery, and Goodby Silverstein. He completed his MFA in Design from Stanford University in 2017.