Floating Points

Floating Points performs his latest album Crush.

Floating Points
DJ Dials x 15UTAH

9pm – 2am

This show is sold out.

Floating Points brings a new live show based on the visualization of sound through manipulation of analogic technologies. It will combine light, cameras, and visuals triggered by soundwaves, that in turn modulate themselves, creating loops of image and sound working in perpetual feedback, harmony, and dissonance.

At this performance, Floating Points will grace the audience with a live set which will include performances from 'Crush' and past productions. At first, the album might seem to suggest the idea of romantic longing but that’s actually a false sense of security. “To me, Crush evokes a slow violence,” says Shepherd, “like the crushing inevitability of self-serving political power-play, climate change, people and ideas being subdued – all these things that make us irate on a daily basis and feeling helpless to it.”

It’s important for Shepherd’s new live show to have that energy too, so that the audience can see that what they’re watching isn’t just someone pressing play. He has teamed up once again with forward-thinking Barcelona-based artists Hamill Industries, The duo who brought their ground-breaking reactive laser technologies to his previous tours. Their vision is to create a constant dialogue between the music and the visuals and to translate Shepherd’s sound into something real and tangible as opposed to being computer generated.

This time, Hamill Industries’ visuals will zoom in on the natural world, where landscapes are responsive to the music and flowers or rainbow swirls of bubbles might move and morph to the kick of the bass drum. What you see on the screen behind Shepherd might “look like a cosmos of colour going on,” says Shepherd, “but it’s actually a tiny bubble with a macro lens on it being moved by frequencies by my Buchla,” which was also the process by which the LP artwork was made.”


Floating Points

Floating Points – aka Sam Shepherd – has so many guises that it’s not easy to pin him down. A composer, curator, a classicist, disco guy that makes machine music, and digger always searching for untapped gems to rerelease. Floating Points’ first album in four years, Crush, twists whatever you think you know about him on its head again. It’s the producer at his most “unhinged,” he says, a tempestuous blast of electronic experimentalism whose title alludes to the pressure-cooker of the current environment we find ourselves in.

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