Flowstate Soundsystem Presents

Yerba Terps

December 31, 2021
9PM - 2AM
Age 21+ Proof of vaccination is required
Masks required for all attendees
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Join Flowstate Soundsystem this New Year's Eve for a once in a lifetime Bay Area bass music experience

Looking to move FORWARD from 2021 into the FUTURE of 2022? Join us in a 2,000 square foot immersion experience, packed to the interplanetary limits of bass with interactive walls and sculptures, a massive sound system, and LED space playground. This New Year’s Eve brings the future forward on Mission St with Flowstate Soundsystem at FUTURE/FORWARD: bringing the bass to outer space.

Designed by over a hundred Bay Area artists, planet Nocturne X is a whole new world for a whole new year! Check out site photos for views of glowing otherworldly life, dim corners to find yourself and others in the shadows of outer space, and a stacked soundsystem to get lost in again on the floor.

Our music artists for the night are bringing the Bay UP with multigenre bass featuring local heroes Ananaki, Centauri, Krystalize, Yerba Terps, and Singe. A mix of bass, dubstep, and DnB to countdown to the new year, T minus your inhibitions!


Flowstate Sound
Starting as a small one man dj rig and evolving into an entire community dedicated to bringing the world back together through excellent sound and memorable events. We're breaking through the usual to bring you experiences you'll remember forever, with friends who will last.

Numina Studio
A 100 person Bay Area artist collective responsible for the terraforming of our new year's world, we all gotta give it up for these guys.


RatchaelBeats sadly has to step down for this years celebration.

Announcing: Yerba Terps
An up and coming heavyweight champion of a producer who continues to knock it out of the park with every release.

The man with the plan, Papa Flowstate has been toiling hard this past year to make a difference in our community and his own sound, and it's all led up to this moment. Prepare yourselves for an extremely special set from your favorite neighborhood soundboi.
We will be flexing rare air tonight. Alot of it.

Encrypted Audio, 786 Recordings, Bay Sine Recordings, Overdue, Indigo Movement, Heavy Traffic Recordings, Wormhole Music Group
Deep Dubstep Don and galactic traveler of Infradimensional basslines. Fresh off his most recent vinyl release which sold out in minutes, Centauri is a juggernaut of dubstep, deep and dangerous. He's played all across the the US and more, including the one and only Blackbox in Denver. Buckle up folks, we're going to 11 on this one.

Local drum and bass legend, master of karate, and friend to all. Krystalize puts unprecedented levels of blood, sweat and tears into every one of her sets. Expect no different as she rings us into the new years with a special midnight headline set. She's rocked all the favorite Bay Area crews, from Monarch, Soundpieces, Stamina Sundays, the list goes on. And now she's ready to let out the big guns for primetime.

Otodayo Records, Gravitas Music, Ouroboros
Pioneer of the face melting Psy-Bass genre, a blend of psytrance styles with trap and halftime beats. Ananaki's sound is unique as it is new. Bringing extraterrestrial wubs to plunge the night into darkness so we may find ourselves amongst the stars in our interplanetary forest.

Emcee Tell
Our gracious host to help us ring in the new years proper! His vocal talents are known by many around the bay and beyond, from Stamina Sundays to Soundpieces, he's the only one who tells it like it is.


• Navigate to the 21+ cantina for delicious otherworldly concoctions

• Countdown to midnight with Emcee Tell

• Ananaki B2B Special Guests


Location is two blocks from 24th St BART at the Gray Area / Grand Theater, within the Nocturne X immersive exhibition,
2665 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110.

We recommend being dropped off as it’s NYE in SF.
Alternatively, park near a South SF Bart to journey over.


• Last East Bay trains run at 12:25 and 1:25 AM at 24th St Mission.
• After 1:25 AM, the 800 bus runs at the 15s and 45s to East Bay.
• Last South SF train is 2:22 AM.
• Uber will probably be like $100 so plan your exit strategy!
• BART reopens at 6AM.
• More info on BART schedule here.
•The skies will be clear, but make sure to plan for layers!


Look for sani stations at the entrance and throughout the venue.

Gray Area requires all visitors to provide proof of full COVID-19 vaccinations in order to ensure the safety of our local community in accordance with City of San Francisco health guidelines. Mask-wearing will also be strictly enforced at all times within the exhibition, and the space will be sanitized frequently.

Full visitor guidelines here.

We hope you're ready! There's really only one place to blast off into the new year. Let go of space and time and embrace a new beginning in a new year with FUTURE/FORWARD.

About Nocturne X

This captivating immersive art experience invites visitors on a journey of exploration within the galactic ecosystem of planet Nocturne X, a 4000-square-foot interactive forest filled with surprising stories and hidden puzzles. Hundreds of glowing plants, designed and hand-sculpted by the team at Numina Studio, create a landscape brimming with life as the interconnected vegetation responds to touch, sound, and movement. Using custom-built technologies, this multisensory installation transports visitors through space to an awe-inspiring unknown world.

Flowstate Soundsystem

Flowstate Soundsystem is bringing our community back together by reviving the passion of the underground electronic music scene. We are here to usher in a new era of bay area dance music culture while providing safe inclusive environments, excellent sound, and our favorite DJ's.

Numina Studio

Numina Studio is a Bay Area-based 100-person multidisciplinary team of sculptors, fabricators, metal and woodworkers, sound and light designers who work alongside world-class hardware and software professionals. As digital transformation shapes the modern world, and society as a whole becomes inseparable from the use of technology, Numina Studio examines the impact that those technological advances have on our perception of the world.



Local bay area legend Ananaki is known by many for his pioneering blend of psy influenced bass music. A staple of the bay, Ananaki knows how to read a crowd while always showcasing the sounds that make his style unique.


Rising deep dubstep producer from our very own Bay Area. Fresh off the plane from a set at the legendary Black Box. With respect to the roots that it grew from, Centauri's music is generous with it's sub, and sparse with it's beats. With sides both deep and dark, Centauri curates sets that take us on a journey through dubstep.


The rising comet that is Krystalize encompasses all things drum and bass. With an unmatched passion for the music she plays, Krystalize bares her heart on her sleeve as she rips through some of the heaviest jungle beats. Rollers to liquid, and all things good.

Yerba Terps

An up and coming heavyweight champion of a producer who continues to knock it out of the park with every release.


The big papa of Flowstate Soundsystem, Singe brings only the spiciest of bass music to the function. Over a decade of DJing, and now fresh out from audio school at Pyramind in our own San Francisco, Singe is making waves and bringing everyone he can along for the ride.

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