Gelatin Interactive Genigital Society Performance

Join us for a night of performance and conversation with Austrian art collective Gelatin. A Vienna-based art collective known for breaking taboos through their signature brand of humor, the artists will perform a cross between a lecture and improvisational performance.

Playing with the format of an academic lecture, the artists will show images and examples of their past work and improvise according to the moods and reactions of the audience. Depending on how the audience responds, Gelatin will shift and expand on the conversation. Learn about the provocative artwork created by the artists in a provocative manner.

The artists will present highlights from their body of work from exhibitions around the world, including at the Venice Biennale, MoMA PS1, a cave in Puerto Rico, Fondazione Prada in Milan, and FraenkelLAB San Francisco (curated by John Waters).



Gelatin is an Austrian based art collective consisting of artists Wolfgang Gantner, Ali Janka, Florian Reither and Tobias Urban. Gelatin’s work is often raw, brutal and absurd, and often intentionally, but playfully, repellent. The artists have made a “human birthday cake” in which they arranged themselves naked in a circle, with lit candles coming out of their anuses. In 2000, they illegally broke into the World Trade Center and installed a small balcony on the 91st floor (a stunt that lasted a mere 19 minutes or so). In 2005, their projects included a sculpture made from frozen urine and a 180-foot pink toy bunny, which they left to decompose on the side of a mountain in the Italian Alps. Their form of performance-based, interactive art has roots in the 1960s Situationist and Fluxus movements.

This event was made possible with support by the Austrian Chancellery.