In Conversation: Morton Subotnick, Alessandro Cortini, Richard Devine, 33EMYBW, GOOOOOSE, KYOKA At Recombinant Festival

Saturday November 16, 2019
$12 Advance

2-3pm: Morton Subotnick, Alessandro Cortini, Richard Devine
3-4pm: 33EMYW, GOOOOOSE, kyoka

At Recombinant Festival 2019, Morton Subotnick, Alessandro Cortini and Richard Devine will discuss their past, current and future projects and activities. Panelists 33EMYW, GOOOOOSE, KYOKA will also share their thoughts on developing and deviant trends in electronic music performance.


Morton Subotnick

Morton Subotnick is one of the pioneers in the development of electronic music and multi-media performance and an innovator in works involving instruments and other media, including interactive computer music systems. Most of his music calls for a computer part, or live electronic processing; his oeuvre utilizes many of the important technological breakthroughs in the history of the genre. His work Silver Apples of the Moon has become a modern classic and was recently entered into the National Registry of Recorded works at the Library of Congress. In the early 60s, Subotnick taught at Mills College and with Ramon Sender, and co-founded the San Francisco Tape Music Center. It was also during this period that Subotnick worked with Don Buchla on what may have been the first analog synthesizer.

Alessandro Cortini

Born in Italy, and now based in Berlin after many years in the US, Alessandro Cortini notoriety first spiked once he joined the ground-breaking industrial rock group Nine Inch Nails. Primarily writing and arranging electronics for the band, he has more recently returned to the instrument that captured his attention in his youth, the guitar. Whilst working collaboratively and touring extensively, Cortini incubated a distinct medley of solo projects that have risen to both prominence and critical acclaim. Under the moniker of Sonoio, Cortini has released a collection of synth-pop albums that culminated in last year's celebrated release on New York revered experimental label, Dais. Under the aliases of Skarn and Slumberman, a parallel world of hardcore techno is unfurled in the inimitable focused style that he's best known for. Collaborations with Merzbow, Don Buchla, and Lawrence English have all presented new aspects of Cortini's artistry, with these works all the while capturing his agile capacity for experimentation.

Richard Devine

Richard Devine is an advanced Atlanta-based electronic musician and sound designer, currently employed by Google. He is recognized for producing a layered and heavily processed sound, combining influences from glitch music to vintage and modern electronic music. Devine largely records for the Miami-based Schematic Records, which was founded by Josh Kay of Phoenecia.. As a result of praise of his music from Autechre as well as a remix of Aphex Twin's Come To Daddy, Devine recorded an album for Warp Records which was jointly released by Schematic and Warp. Devine first started using computers for composition around 1993. Don Hassler, an instructor at the Atlanta College of Art, got him interested in computer synthesis, introducing Devine to Csound and other powerful computer-based applications. Devine coded his own FFT applications in SuperCollider, an environment and programming language for real-time audio synthesis. “It’s interesting, because you’re doing things to sound that just aren’t physically possible.” Devine also uses Native Instruments (NI) software. Devine has designed sound patches for Propellerhead's Reason,NI’s Absynth, Reaktor, Battery and Massive, along with providing sound patches to Moog Music's award-winning Animoog app. He has also scored commercials for Nike, Touchstone Pictures and engineered and performed his own music worldwide. Though he has contributed sound design to a number of hardware and software manufacturers, he recently released his first official sample library through Sony Creative Software entitled The Electronic Music Manuscript: A Richard Devine Collection.


33EMYBW is a Shanghai-based musician and a core member of the city’s electronic/experimental scene. Recently curated by Aphex Twin for his Warehouse Project in Manchester, she is affiliated with the SVBKVLT label in Shanghai. Exploring the futuristic sounds of post-club music, 33EMYBW is gearing towards the release of her sophomore album Anthropods, with the invertebrate animal upon which the title is based on representing her visual signature.


GOOOOOSE is the experimental music moniker of Han Han, front man of one of China’s most well-known experimental rock bands Duck Fight Goose and also owner of the experimental record label Miniless Recordings. His multi-instrumental approach towards music leads the audience into a place where ambient soundscapes, heavily synthesized textures and syncopated rhythms clash as well as harmonize. Apart from making music, Han Han is also a visual artist and software developer. Currently residing in Shanghai, GOOOOOSE has performed internationally including showcases at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt and the CTM festival in Berlin, Cite De La Musique in Paris and the SXSW festival in Austin.


Kyoka is the first solo female artist to be signed onto the legendary imprint raster-noton and works as a musician/composer in Berlin and Tokyo. Known for her chaotic yet direct musical approach focusing on experimental yet danceable rhythms, she grew up in Kanazawa Japan, and underwent piano, flute and shamisen lessons as a child, while simultaneously discovering her passion for tape recorders and field recording. Inspired by her residency at EMS studios in Stockholm, her latest record >>SH<< showcases Kyoka's uncanny ability to deftly handle repetition, chaos and unforeseen shifts in rhythm with spontaneous precision.

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