New Media Cultural Diplomacy: American Arts Incubator International Artist Salon

Meet visiting international artists who will share stories and project prototypes from their experience participating in one of five 2018 American Arts Incubator exchanges in Ecuador, India, Morocco, Poland, and Ukraine.

Each of these artists is creatively applying art and technology to a locally relevant social challenge in their community. Projects include an audio-augmented bag that amplifies stories from transgender communities in India, a bathymetric projection of data about a displaced coastal community in Morocco, an AR mural depicting a shared kichwa and mestizo experience in Ecuador, an ASMR-inducing sensorium that probes the contours of Ukrainian national identity, and a chimney that absorbs polluted air in Poland.

Doors at 7:00pm | Small bites and cash bar for those 21+


Iryna Kostyshyna

Iryna Kostyshyna is an interdisciplinary artist and designer from Kyiv, Ukraine. She works mostly with new media and video, often incorporating graphic design and narrative elements.

Loubna El Ghallab

Loubna is an architecture student in Casablanca's school of architecture in Morocco. She is dedicated to volunteering for social and environmental causes, the preservation of cultural heritage, and innovation.

Aparna Sudheendran Ayyanad

Aparna S Ayyanad is a researcher in philosophy at Sri Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit, Kerala, India. She has parallel interests in the ontology of art and art's power to function as a tool for social progress.

Belen Arellano Rosero

Belen Arellano is a weaver and artist. She recently completed a degree in Visual Arts with a minor in Education from San Francisco University in Quito, Ecuador. She is interested in how ethnography, education and art can connect communities to create positive social change.

Nawojka Gurczynska

Nawojka is a freelance creative working in arts and culture. She is passionate about film, photography, theater, sustainability, entrepreneurship, and empowering communities through arts and technology.



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