Nightfall on Nocturne X
ICARUS: Lost in Space

Moray Rivers

December 10, 2021
9PM - 2AM
Age 21+

Proof of vaccination is required
Masks required for all attendees
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The marooned crew of ICARUS leaves their trusty ship in orbit to bring an interplanetary party to the otherworldly preserve of Nocturne X.

As night falls and the bioluminescent forests of Nocturne X come alive, get ready for a night of merriment, tomfoolery, and a curated selection of intergalactic beats ready to make you boogie.

About Nocturne X

This captivating immersive art experience invites visitors on a journey of exploration within the galactic ecosystem of planet Nocturne X, a 4000-square-foot interactive forest filled with surprising stories and hidden puzzles. Hundreds of glowing plants, designed and hand-sculpted by the team at Numina Studio, create a landscape brimming with life as the interconnected vegetation responds to touch, sound, and movement. Using custom-built technologies, this multisensory installation transports visitors through space to an awe-inspiring unknown world.

About Nightfall

This event is part of Nightfall on Nocturne X, our weekend event series just for adults. Come see this expansive exhibition light up with live DJ performances, immersive theater experiences and more. Grab a drink and reunite with friends under Nocturne X’s eight moons and immerse yourself in something new.


Icarus is a band of salty space punks, a moving sculpture, part living art gallery and part dance club. Inspired by Firefly, Elysium, Blade Runner and the original Star Wars, the ethos and aesthetic of ICARUS is that of a well used, travelled ship and its motley crew that have seen their share of battles, bruises and black holes.

Numina Studio

Numina Studio is a Bay Area-based 100-person multidisciplinary team of sculptors, fabricators, metal and woodworkers, sound and light designers who work alongside world-class hardware and software professionals. As digital transformation shapes the modern world, and society as a whole becomes inseparable from the use of technology, Numina Studio examines the impact that those technological advances have on our perception of the world.


ALASTAIR wearing sunglasses with headphones


Alastair has become a local favorite in San Francisco for Burning Man, Street Festival and proper club bookings for his impeccable track selection, energy and showmanship behind the decks! He is a resident with the amazing ICARUS crew, a spaceship and roaming dance club mutant vehicle that is rapidly gaining popularity with their cutting edge parties on the playa. He has releases on deep house labels; Damn Son!, LTHM, Dirty Business Records, Perception and is working on many more gems.

Jessica smiling while DJing in front of ICARUS logo


Growing up in San Francisco exposed Jessica to the house and techno scene at an early age, while her Eastern European roots added a global flavor at home. Never one to discriminate from any style or sound, her wide-ranging taste in music and affection for syncopated rhythms, deep techno & funky grooves, and exotic melodies can often be heard throughout her song selections. A resident DJ and lead curator of ICARUS; she's always looking for new ways to create community through music, dance and art.

Moray Rivers

Avery aka Moray Rivers, was born into her love of music. As a beach bum in Santa Cruz her father would play an instrument he could get his hands on! A constant flow of classic rock albums on the record player and dancing in the living room helped shape her musical heart. Picking up drum sticks early on and making sounds with her own hands changed everything. From there it was a long bunch of years before DJing would come into play, but the music never stopped. It was a constant. DJing came about on accident. A move to San Francisco in her late 20s and accidentally moving in with a wonderfully talented dj turned into her going to local shows and meeting the amazing group of friends, most of whom are djs, turned into DJing lessons, turned into a love of mixing, and the culture.

MOSF3T DJing at an event


Ilya Polyakov aka DJ MOSF3T seriously got into DJing and electronic music production after his first trip to Burning Man in 2007. The participatory nature of the burner community made this creative outlet a no-brainer given that electronic music was simply an inseparable part of Ilya’s life already. Simply experiencing EDM was no longer enough – it must be created, it must be controlled. Being influenced early on by the music and club scene of 1990s NYC, moving through Toronto in the middle of the DnB peak, ending up at early 2000 psy-trance parties of the Bay Area, the influences reach far and wide. Seeing Jeff MIlls back at old Limelight in NYC or experiencing Shpongle under the stars of the Northern California mountains certainly had a lasting effect. To add to the mix, a professional background in engineering, hardware hacking, graphic design and a solid obsession with classic sci-fi.


Originally from Israel, Noam has been based in the Bay Area for over a decade. As an active participant in the Burning Man scene, his passion for art and music has lead him to create a his own unique style of mixing music,  combining techno and progressive sounds with middle eastern influences. He’s been known to throw in a funky disco track in from time to time as well.  His focus is to create a memorable experience and vibe for his listeners and get you to dance.

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