[Canceled] Nocturne X Horizon

Out of concern for the health and safety of our local communities and employees, this event has been canceled.

Refunds will be issued automatically to all ticket purchasers within the next 5-7 business days.

Mark Slee

January 7, 2021
9PM - 2AM
Age 21+

Proof of vaccination is required
Masks required for all attendees
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Join the artists and makers of the Numina team for Horizon, the closing party and one of the last nights to experience our immersive exhibition Nocturne X.

Following three months of interactive art, immersive theater performances, and dance parties, it's time for the planet to leave San Francisco's orbit! Come celebrate with us one last time over drinks and music in the bioluminescent forest of Nocturne X, with sets by Mark Slee and Asymmetry.

About Nocturne X

This captivating immersive art experience invites visitors on a journey of exploration within the galactic ecosystem of planet Nocturne X, a 4000-square-foot interactive forest filled with surprising stories and hidden puzzles. Hundreds of glowing plants, designed and hand-sculpted by the team at Numina Studio, create a landscape brimming with life as the interconnected vegetation responds to touch, sound, and movement. Using custom-built technologies, this multisensory installation transports visitors through space to an awe-inspiring unknown world.

Numina Studio

Numina Studio is a Bay Area-based 100-person multidisciplinary team of sculptors, fabricators, metal and woodworkers, sound and light designers who work alongside world-class hardware and software professionals. As digital transformation shapes the modern world, and society as a whole becomes inseparable from the use of technology, Numina Studio examines the impact that those technological advances have on our perception of the world.


Mark Slee

Intricate grooves, dreamy textures, playful whimsical bounce. Over the course of an electronic music obsession more than 20 years strong, Mark Slee has evolved a deep musical style that reflects a unique personality, blending intuition and introspection with a methodical approach to production and curation. Fully committed to digging the troves of modern dance music, Slee aims to uncover releases that stand out. His monthly mix show on Proton Radio showcases his discoveries, with over 100 mixes presented in the past decade. In 2016, Slee joined forces with musical partner Atish to form the label Manjumasi. Debuting with his own Nocturne Belle EP, Manjumasi celebrates quirky dance music that explores new territory without forgetting the dance floor. Beyond Manjumasi, Slee's original productions and remixes have been released on such imprints as Cityfox, Seven Villas, Kindisch, Everything Will Be OK, Sound Avenue, Lost Diaries, Cosmic Society, Magician On Duty, Nugget, Where the Heart Is, Proton Music, and more. In addition to regular appearances on his San Francisco home turf, Slee's style has earned him DJ sets in notable locales, such as Kater Blau and Sisyphos in Berlin, Cityfox in New York, and Robot Heart. Since 2016 Slee has also been developing immersive, spatial audio-visual production tools for systems of up to 32 channels via Envelop. Notable live performances with Envelop include MUTEK.SF and FORM Arcosanti.


Asymmetry is a Ukrainian artist based in San Francisco. She fuses slow house, world music, chill rave, and downtempo to tell haunting, expansive stories. Equal parts elegant, groovy, and eclectic, Asymmetry’s sets take you on hypnotic journeys while making your body move with the flow. Growing up she listened to UK 90’s trip hop, IDM, deep house, and a fair amount of multicultural folk music, which fostered her love of sound that is textured, emotional, and has an interesting narrative. More than anything, Asymmetry sees music as a soundtrack to life and enjoys losing herself to dancing. She has played alongside Mira (Kater), Be Svendsen, Uji, MAUGLI, Lola Villa, Hilary Mertaugh, Marques Wyatt, Shawna (KMLN), Goldcap, Nathan Hall, Jyun Jyun, Griffin Crafts, Ulises, Johnny Posh, James Fish, N2N, Cara Mazzi, Telfort, Llewellyn, and DJ Many More.

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