Patch Pulse: AOKI takamasa

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On August 21, Patch Pulse presents a night of live audiovisual performances by electronic musician and producer AOKI takamasa.

Tune in to experience AOKI takasama's textured rhythmic modulations and the phenomenology of his reactive visuals.

AOKI takasama, who has released albums on Raster-Norton and Stroboscopic Artefacts among others, collaborated with Ryoichi Kurokawa (Recombinant Festival 2020) in creating the Rhythm Variation visuals featured in this video.


AOKI takamasa

AOKI takamasa was born in 1976 and is based in Osaka. Since releasing his debut album, SILICOM (2001), AOKI has worked both internationally and domestically as a producer, live performer, DJ and photographer. He has released albums and records on the labels Raster Norton, Op.disc among others. Based in Europe from 2004, returning to Japan in 2011, AOKI continues to produce, mix and remix for international and domestic artists. Alongside Bun/Fumitake Tamura they make up the unit Neutral.

Le Fou

Le Fou (aka LIFEcell) is an electronic artist, content producer and festival producer from San Francisco. His compositions explore meta-futuristic concepts by combining driving rhythms, (in)harmonic experimentation and sonic spatialization. Classically trained in composition and piano at a young age by the eminent pianist and Shanghai Conservatory Professor Li Ruixing, his work has been featured in commercials, label releases, media platforms, documentaries, gallery exhibitions, events and on terrestrial radio stations. Besides performing internationally at festivals such as Electron Geneva and Ultra Korea, he has released with Shao (Tresor) on Caotai records, MHP on SSR (Indieworks) and has a 2019 solo release on the Chinese major label Taihe entitled “The Noble.”

Wang Meng

Wang Meng is a multimedia visual artist from China and co-founder of Atomic Visual Studio. His work broadly covers video, music, installation art, animation, multimedia stage design, and painting. Wang Meng’s audio-visual interactive performances with SHAO have been performed all over the world with pieces like “The Shape of Sound” and “Doppler Shift” being shown at the Worldtronics Festival (DE), Electron Festival (SZ), Cidade Preocupada Festival (PT), Festival Tokyo(JP), and SXSW 2018(US). “Nine Kuai Nine” a.k.a.9.9, conceived by Wang, is an open ended group with no fixed members and the project merges the world of sound, visuals, and new media installation.


Recombinant Media Labs

The Recombinant Media Labs organization was founded to research the qualities and artistic potential of Spatial Cinema. It does so by means of Experiential Engineering; exploring processes that propagate the aesthetic and technological boundaries of panoramic AV exhibition. RML acts as producer and presenter of hybrid artworks and performance archiving based on spatial media synthesis; intermodal works using image, light, sound and other disseminated media in three-dimensional space. The CineChamber is RML's curated, nomadic platform under the artistic trajectory of founder & Director Naut Humon plus a superhuman crew.


STRRR is the future of horizon-expanding television. Where superstars and brilliant newcomers hailing from the world of music, art, design, film, and fashion present their favorite clips and films through the nearly unlimited archives of the Internet. Each meticulously crafted episode presents a self-portrait of the selector, which allows us new insight into their life and work.

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