Plaid Live A/V

Plaid performs a live A/V set touring on the new album Polymer.

December 21, 2019

Doors at 9pm
Show at 9:30pm

On the final stop of their North American tour, Plaid performs a brand new live audio-visual performance for their new album Polymer.

The duo, composed of Ed Handley and Andy Turner, has crafted and evolved their sound over nearly thirty years cementing them as veterans in the IDM electronic music world. Marking Plaid's tenth album, 'Polymer' melds a tangled plethora of broken beats, rhythmic textures, and bright melodic soundscapes. The album reflects on the multitude of forms that plastics and proteins can take form.

“The problems and benefits of Polymers felt like good themes for this album, their repetitious strength, endurance and troubling persistence, the natural versus the synthetic, silk and silicone, the significant effect they have on our lives,” says the artists.

A strong visual aesthetic has always been part and parcel with Plaid's output — whether in artwork, videos, or on-stage projections, which the two feel are vital to what they do and have evolved along with technical tools. Their 'Polymer' tour will feature the artists 'playing' a visual sequencer, with custom screens built for three-dimensional image mapping for a fully sensory enveloping experience.



Plaid sit right at the very heart of global electronica. In fact there's a very real sense in which Ed Handley and Andy Turner are the perfect encapsulation of what the electronic music of their generation was all about. As Plaid and as two-thirds of The Black Dog, they were central to the "Artificial Intelligence" movement of the early-mid 1990s: they brought new rhythmic variation, emotive melody and sensual textures to electronic music, creating a warm and welcoming counterpart to the white heat of the rave explosion.