Pyramid Scheme

Enter the Pyramid Scheme on August 5 in the Grand Theater! For every 5 friends you refer, get a drink ticket at the door. Get in on the ground floor of this incredible opportunity. 10pm-2am.

Art: Lose yourself in our 16 foot illuminated pyramid. Steelwork by Chrystie Cappelli and LED by Steve Dudek.

Music: Robert Yang / B├ęzier (Honey Soundsystem), CarrieOnDisco (Pound Puppy SF), John Major (Polyglamorous), Josette Melchor (Gray Area).

Scheme Bar: Sophie Louise & Joel Wilkerson & Nicole Whitten.

Learn: Want to create your own LED artwork? We will be hosting a LED programming and soldering workshop during the week.



Chrystie Cappelli

In 1998 Chrystie received her BFA in Sculpture from CCA(C). Enamored with the ancient techniques taught in the Textile department. It was then she began to develop her unique finely woven and patina metal. Continuing to weave, but still eager to learn how to build, Cappelli found a job as a metal fabricator at a custom architectural metal shop in Oakland. Drawn to the mystery and worn soul of old objects, Cappelli began to appropriate treasure-hunted pieces, in combination with her woven patina metal, and began making jewelry, accessories, and wearable art. Not limited to the body, she also produces decorative and conceptual fine art and furniture.

Stephen Dudek

Stephen Dudek is a local LED artist known for large, geometric installations as well as light-up, wearable creations. A San Francisco resident who makes all his creations by hand, he pursues the intersection of electronics, engineering, soldering, and sewing.