Rite of Spring III

Soundwave Next presents Rite of Spring III, the final act of a 3-part performance series by amorphous mutant collective i8i with support from Cel Genesis, Rose Cherami, Fiera Ferari, Baby Blue and projections by Billie0cean.

Through sound, sculpture, and live actions, the intentionally enigmatic collective i8i brings together a global network of collaborators to create genre-bending experiences that conjure an eerily expansive canon of conspiracy and cybernetic spirituality. Fusing landscapes, both virtual and real, with avant-garde sound and mythological imaginaries, i8i weaves a narrative that simultaneously evokes ancient primitivism and A.I dystopia.

Proof of full COVID-19 vaccination (two weeks after final dose) required. Read more

April 9, 2022
9:00PM - 2:00AM

Sliding Scale Tickets $5-30 ($15 suggested)



Formed over Instagram during the Pandemic, i8i is an amorphous network of collaboration. i8i shape shifts with each iteration - using visceral live performances and world building to explore our ever-changing relationship between physical body and digital avatar.

Cel Genesis

Cel Genesis Innovations, known for their pioneering strides in non-terrestrial biomedical industrial development, are advancing the human condition yet again with patented new methodologies in tissue-machine transmission, and have set the standard for privatized Research-to-Defense platforms globally! Cel Genesis is so excited to announce collaboration efforts to push their newest early access beta: Heaven Was Never Far. What began as a runoff initiative from their world class WR&D program, Heaven Was Never Far, delivers extraordinary, blisteringly effective results from aural application on subject liquefaction through a vast perpetual P2P network connection with celestial intermediaries. Only a limited number of participants will be selected, so register now for live screening while supplies and availability last!

Rose Cherami

Cofounder of True indigo, Rose Cherami is splashing sand from the leaky side of a beach town.

Baby Blue

Baby Blue is a genre-mashing DJ and alchemist. She is a weaver of the melodic and chaotic, warping together destruction and tranquility to create sonic soothing, unhinged healing, and whatever lies in between.

Fiera Ferari

Fiera Ferari is the Bay Area’s cosmic party angel, a warrior of creative resistance with and for queer and trans artists in the margins. Mirroring the journey of the Monarch Butterfly, she migrated to California from Michoacan, fluttering north against all odds to land on Ohlone Territories, where she metamorphosed into the multi-disciplinary DJ, organizer, and artist she is today. Fiera believes music is a form of protest as it holds the power to unify, heal and transform! This pretty guardian is the West Coast mother of community collectives NEW WORLD DYSORDER (NWD) and WE ARE THE ONES we've been waiting for (WATO). Beat by Beat, her highly charged sonic potions illuminate the dance floor with blends of speedy hardcore, techno-perreo, and afro-beat jungle breaks. Her out-of-this-world sound ignites fiery hope in our hearts and spirits, entrancing our marginalized communities with further power to transform destruction with creation. From flicker to flame, and flame to forest fire, Fiera channels sparks of love and justice to disintegrate forces of evil.


Lanéya Billingsley aka Billie0cean, is an experimental filmmaker , sound designer, graphic designer and creative director based in the bay area. With a background in animation and theatre, billie's work is water for the heart and sugar for our melancholy. bubblegum Afro futurism with brass knuckles and bedroom eyes, Billie has shown their conceptual video and visual art work at Classic Cars West in Oakland, Swim Gallery in San Francisco, de:formal in New york, and Coaxial in Los Angeles as well as created video and visuals for artists Toro y Moi, mia carucci, Mowalola, Kelly Lee Owens, and Spellling.


Soundwave NEXT

Soundwave NEXT is a partnership between Gray Area and Soundwave SF to explore the future of sound. The program invites curators, artists, producers, or collectives to present new performance-based works or productions based in sound. For nearly two decades, Soundwave has provided a platform for artists to explore sound and create immersive experiences that captivate, inspire and challenge our own experience and reality. Throughout that time, Gray Area has become a leading institution in using art and technology for civic and social impact.

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