THE END OF YOU Series: Gaian Time Reckoning

With Jonathon Keats
Saturday, February 15
1 – 4pm

Free with entry to exhibition
Reservation required

Standard time is measured on atomic clocks, providing a technical basis for global transactions. Might local ecosystems be more meaningful timekeepers? Might their natural cycles encourage us to nurture our environment and the relationships that matter most?

In this indoor/outdoor workshop at Avenue 12 Gallery and on Mountain Lake in the San Francisco Presidio, artist Jonathon Keats will guide participants through the process of making an annual watershed calendar based on careful observation and documentation of liminal phenomena.

Jonathon Keats

Jonathon is a conceptual artist and philosopher widely known for his conceptually-driven, interdisciplinary art projects. Using thought experiments as his medium, his work questions assumptions about self, society, and technology. In addition to authoring six works, his work has been shown at institutions including LACMA, The Long Now Foundation, Crocker Art Museum, and many more.

THE END OF YOU Event & Workshop Series

This event is part of a series of programming for the immersive exhibition THE END OF YOU.
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