THE END OF YOU Series: Surveying the Anthropocene

With Jonathon Keats
Sunday, February 23
11am – 1pm

Free with entry to exhibition
Reservation required

Location: Gray Area and surrounds
Wear walking shoes, and pets are welcome to attend and participate!

Human geologists are increasingly convinced that radioisotopes from nuclear testing are the best chemical signature to define the Anthropocene as an epoch.
What do worms think? What matters most from the perspective of mushrooms or slime molds or cyanobacteria or bristlecone pine trees?

At the first gathering of the radically inclusive Interspecies Union of Geological Sciences – an organization that every organism on the planet is invited to join – human and non-human volunteers will be tasked with amassing and organizing material evidence of the Anthropocene: markers of humankind that members consider significant from their personal, cultural, biological and/or ecological perspective.

Celeste Martore

Celeste Martore is a designer, athlete, and artist from the East Bay. She is a member of the architectural design collective SPACE INDUSTRIES. Her work toes the line between storytelling and architecture, seeing spatial design as a way to reframe cultural narratives. Her work spans multiple industries, including tech, film, theater, exhibition design and immersive art.

Jonathon Keats

Jonathon is a conceptual artist and philosopher widely known for his conceptually-driven, interdisciplinary art projects. Using thought experiments as his medium, his work questions assumptions about self, society, and technology. In addition to authoring six works, his work has been shown at institutions including LACMA, The Long Now Foundation, Crocker Art Museum, and many more.

THE END OF YOU Event & Workshop Series

This event is part of a series of programming for the immersive exhibition THE END OF YOU.
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