The World According to Sound Live! Outside In

August 26, 2021
8pm – 10pm

$20 Early Bird
$25 Advance

Radio producers Chris Hoff and Sam Harnett are going to set up a ring of speakers, hand out eye masks, turn off the lights, and surround you with sound. We’ll travel from the banality inside our own homes, back to a time before the coronavirus, to as far away from the pandemic as possible. Featuring walruses, pulsars, funnels, chimes, rowboats, hair dryers, a deconstructed organ, and Chris’ wayward belt buckle. It will be an evening experienced entirely through your ears.

Feel free to bring a pillow, cushion, or blanket to the event––it's often more fun to listen intently while reposing on the floor. Chairs will be available too, of course. Space is limited as a result, so get your tickets in advance.

Hoff and Harnett are the creators of The World According to Sound, a 90-second radio show. Segments run on NPR’s All Things Considered and individually on public radio stations.

In accordance with San Francisco city mandates, and to ensure the safety of our community, Gray Area requires all visitors to present proof of vaccination for in-person events. Masks are required for all attendees. Read more about what to expect during your visit.



The World According to Sound

Chris Hoff and Sam Harnett have been making The World According to Sound since 2015. It started as a radio program and podcast, but has since evolved into more experiential formats: first as an 8-channel, in person event, and most recently as a binaural streaming event, thanks to the pandemic. Chris is a public radio and podcast engineer who mixes shows for The Stoop, OZY Media, KQED, and KALW; and Sam is a reporter at KQED who covers tech and labor. After working in public radio and podcasting for more than 12 years, we wanted to make an audio show that uses the full capacity of the medium, instead of using it solely as a conveyor of information through language and story.


Meyer Sound

Meyer Sound was founded in 1979 to create the best sonic experiences possible, built on scientific innovation and quality engineering. At the heart is a passion for quality, ensuring that every paper cone, circuit board, and driver is handcrafted to meet our extremely demanding standard. We continuously analyze production methods and material selection and exercise exhaustive quality control behind the legendary unit-to-unit consistency, reliability, and longevity of Meyer Sound products. The end result? Pure, honest sound.

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