Urban Data Challenge Kickoff Event

The Urban Data Challenge is here and the competition starts now. Attend the kick-off at swissnex San Francisco to hear from the organizers, decipher the data, meet jury members and other participants, and form teams.

What’s the heartbeat of your city? The Urban Data Challenge is an international, online data visualization competition running from February 6 through March 31, 2013. Designers, programmers, data scientists, hackers, and artists are invited to merge and compare mobility data sets on public and private transportation from three cities—San Francisco, Geneva, and Zurich—and visualize insights.

Winning projects will showcase the power of open governmental data and facilitate the knowledge exchange between cities. Juried prizes include round-trip airfare to one of the participating cities and funding for developing the project into an app.


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6:30 pm Doors open

7:00 pm Challenge overview, introduction to the data sets, and Q&A

8:00 pm Team building, networking, food and drinks