Data Canvas: Digital Displays

A Series of street level, public art exhibitions to showcase data stories about our transforming city.

Artists and writers will collaborate to tell stories about about the Mission District's urban dynamics, using data. Exploring private and public data sets, the research will produce insightful narratives in the context of recent cultural and economical shifts at play in the sunniest neighborhood of San Francisco. The artwork will be exhibited on interactive screens installed at street-level of Gray Area Grand Theater, and be accessible to the public.


Data Resources
  • In addition to the data made available by our Partners, public data sets will be researched to inform the artwork’s narrative. In collaboration with partners and local organizations from the Mission District, on the ground surveys will be conducted in order to collect highly granular qualitative and quantitative data.
Community Engagment
  • Working from the Grand Theater at the heart of the Mission District, the research lab will be immersed in the context and local audience. Community workshops will be conducted to test user engagement and create best practices toward the selection and dissemination of information through the artwork.
Public Art
  • The research lab will develop and present their work on embedded interactive screens, situated at street level, on Mission Street. The installation will transform high traffic pedestrian areas into a dynamic forum to spur community dialog.
  • Weekly check ins and monthly critiques will be scheduled with advisors in the areas of journalism, urbanism or and data science. Additional opportunities for public presentation to discuss the work and the process that led to it will be provided by Gray Area through its public programs.

Open Call:


Journalist/Researcher, Data Artist

Application Deadline:

We will announce the open call for Data Canvas: Digital Displays soon - please stay tuned for further announcements on Gray Area social medias or keep in touch by signing up here.


Correlating transportation, housing stock and real estate data to reveal social and economical patterns at play in San Francisco's Mission district. Narratives must be focused on the immediate surrounding of the public installation, and placed in the context of urban change occurring at the city and regional level.

Members should actively utilize Gray Area community resources during the time of the research. Gray Area encourages creative practitioners to develop bold and original work with the goal of engaging audiences into dialogs in the areas of urbanism, policy and governance, communication, infrastructures and services.


Data Canvas: Digital Displays is made possible with the generous support of the National Endowment for the Arts, Zendesk, New Relic.


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