Virtual Access Lab
with New Art City

Virtual Access Lab is a joint initiative from New Art City and Gray Area supporting accessible digital culture through software, commissions, and digital preservation. Its mission is to make tools and practices for accessible preservation available to artists, and to produce art experiences which can impact the widest possible audience.

The New Art City collection documents a period of rapid sociocultural transformation beginning in 2020 and incorporating over 5,000 artists across hundreds of exhibitions. As the archive grew, it became clear that preservation must be prioritized, and that access was imperative to the work's continued relevance.

Virtual Access Lab is a result of New Art City’s ongoing work with their accessibility panel which includes Andy Slater, Charlotte Strange, Nat Decker, and Viv Qiu. This group helped New Art City set goals, gather accessibility research, and test existing technical infrastructure. The panel will continue to support the development of both New Art City as a tool, and Virtual Access Lab as an artist resource.

New Art City Accessibility Panel

About New Art City

New Art City

New Art City is a virtual exhibition toolkit for new media art with a focus on copresence and experiencing digital art together. Shows are real-time multiplayer and accessed using a web browser on computer or mobile device, with no need to register, install extra software or enter any personal information. Using built-in tools to manage artworks and space layouts, curators and organizers can create a show and hold a virtual exhibition online. Participants can attend virtual openings together, chat and see each other moving around the space while experiencing digital art in its original format. Team Our creative team is d0n.xyz, Benny Lichtner, Martin Mudenda Bbela, Sammie Veeler and Kat Sung.


d0n.xyz (Don Hanson) is a designer and internet artist based in Oakland, California. He codes websites as artworks and software as creative prototypes. Some of his prototypes have become fully realized tools used by artists all over the world. His work has been featured in The New York Times, Art in America and CBC Radio.

Sammie Veeler

Sammie Veeler is a Los Angeles based artist examining the problematics of digital representation, the role of archives in the production of personal and shared histories, and the psychic transits between physical and virtual spaces. Her work takes the shape of undulating loops in time playing out across writing, performance, digital media, and world building. As co-founder New Art City, she was responsible for developing the gallery's virtual curatorial practice and cultivating a growing community of artists. She initiated the New Art City residency program and accessibility panel as touchpoints for building community into the gallery’s governance as an institution.

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