How is Gray Area offering learners support in the midst of Covid-19?

During this time, we are providing extra support for learners as they navigate their learning experience for our Creative Code Immersive.

Guidance on remote learning and collaboration

We have designed our Creative Code Immersive to encourage thoughtful engagement—all while social distancing and online. We foster collaborative co-creation with remote learning through live lessons, breakout rooms, real-time chat, a class blog, and a virtual showcase.

Course flexibility

Working from home and caring for family has brought unpredictable changes in schedule for many people. For any learners unable to attend certain classes, recordings are available following the class for reference.

Teaching Team Resources

Our incredible teachers, a group of interdisciplinary creatives from the Bay Area, are already well versed in collaborating and teaching remotely after a successful year of virtual support. They will be available to help those new to the online learning world navigate learning experiences online and to provide live moments for connection.

Diversity Scholarship Program

We are proud to offer a diversity scholarship to sustain and advance an inclusive community at Gray Area and beyond. This scholarship is for outstanding students from diverse backgrounds that are underrepresented in higher education and the fields of art, design, and technology.

The Diversity Scholarship gives preferences to artists who identify as women, queer, gender nonconforming folks, and people of color. We highly encourage students to apply for this scholarship. Apply here.

In this time of uncertainty and always, we invite you to connect, to be generous, to be curious, to be kind, and to inspire each other. If you have any other questions, please contact us at [email protected]

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