Spatial Forms 13


Spatial Forms 13 is part of Turkish-born and San Francisco-based multidisciplinary analytics visualization artist Ayse Demir's series Spatial Forms, which explores and experiments with the formal principles of German expressionism (exaggerated, distorted perspective, contorting form) via digital techniques, producing a clear index to the generation of the form.

Ayse Demir
Born and raised in Turkey; Ayse is San Francisco based, multidisciplinary advanced analytics and data visualization professional with a passion of seeing and creating beautiful things. In all aspects of life, she loves working with complexity; while finding clarity, truth and balance in it. Outside of data and design world, she’s a certified yoga teacher working to bring more strength, gentleness and awareness to her communities. Her interest and curiosity in variety of areas help her build meaningful connections and understand the world as it is.

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50 XTZ

Digital Image
Edition 10 + 1AP