Guerrilla Grafters

Project Description

Guerrilla Graftering is an act of creative constructive rebellion that reclaims the commons for productive use, that benefit all, or at lease the ones that like to eat. Imagine picking fruit off a tree as you walk down the street…

How guerrilla grafting works is, we identify stewards that agree to care for the street trees in their neighborhood, they propose appropriate trees for grafting – flowering pears, plums, cherries and so forth. When grafting season comes along, we get scions and go to work.

As part of the project, we are creating a resource map for tracking the grafted trees and the associated grafts. This serves the duo purpose of facilitating ongoing maintenance and harvest, plus gathering actual data on what might be the best fruit varieties for each neighborhood/micro-climate – expending the repertoire of appropriate fruit trees for urban farmers and home gardeners.

We really hope that you would be interested in the project, and be willing to join us in whatever capacity that you see fit. We understand guerrilla grafting as a valuable project that has far reaching consequences and benefits, for wide areas of diverse groups that don’t often seem to understand each others needs and perspectives. We hope to bridge that, not in words but in deeds, and along with it create a physical reality that celebrates abundance instead of feeding the sense of scarcity.

Team Information

Margaretha Haughwout
Jeff Tchang
Marcus Smith
Zoey Kroll
Jesse Bounds
Tara Hui
Michael Noise
Many others not present at SoS


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