Gray Area Gallery presents the very first Open Metaverse Intensive Showcase: a special hybrid presentation of works by artists in our Open Metaverse Intensive education program, both online and in-person.

The Open Metaverse Intensive is a brand-new 10-week online course designed to empower and transform participants and players into citizens and developers of the interconnected virtual spaces where we work, play, and live.

Throughout the intensive, students have been creating original virtual reality (VR) and immersive augmented reality (AR) 3D environments; each built from scratch using various digital creator tools and code frameworks--from blockchains to Blender.

Experience the rich vistas of the open metaverse with us, and explore the virtual world that the cohort has created using spatial.io. Projected as a large-scale interactive installation in the gallery, each artist’s unique and expansive space becomesis fully navigable by the viewer. The show expounds a diversity of viewpoints, spanning investigations into memory and loss, the body and political identity in digital culture, and artistic relationships with novel technologies like AI text-to-image software.such as AI-imaging.

In addition, the in-person exhibition at the Gray Area Gallery features a number of physical artifacts and augmented reality sculptures that expand the artists’ virtual work out of the screen.

The Open Metaverse Intensive Artist Showcase will be on view at Gray Area from February 8 through February 23.

Gray Area Gallery is free and open to the public. Visit Gray Area Gallery anytime during our regular gallery hours.


Gray Area Intensive Certification Programs

The Open Metaverse Intensive is part of our intensive certification programs. The programs combine theory with hands-on learning to help artists and technologists gain proficiency in tools and frameworks—integrating design, technology, and social impact—to create a more equitable digital future.

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