Electronic Prototyping For Designers Workshop


Whether you want to make a heated knee brace, an interactive wall display using light and touch, or a jacket with lights for biker safety, this workshop is designed to teach you the fundamentals to apply to your own projects.

Together, we'll learn to make a heating pad warm up and we'll learn to read data from pressure sensors. We'll also learn the basic terminology, giving you the tools to understand a basic tutorial from Adafruit or Sparkfun. More experienced students can learn more about using flexible and unique electronics in their prototypes.

Workshop Logistics

Workshop Dates: Tuesday & Thursday, September 29 & October 1
Registration End Date: Please register by September 4 to allow time for the course materials to be sent out.
Times: 5 – 7pm PST

Cost: $280. Includes LOOMIA Prototyping 101 Pack course material

Ordering and Fulfillment: To receive the course materials in time for the workshop, please register by September 4 to allow time for the course materials to be sent out.

Experience Level: Beginner to Intermediate

• Laptop with a USB port (or an adapter to a USB port) for the class.
Processing and Arduino Software IDE

Workshop Outline

Day 1:
• Introduction to electronic prototyping terminology and tools
• Overview of electronics prototyping and LOOMIA Packs & Parts
• IDE setup and trials (Arduino)
• Arduino setup and trials
• Pressure sensor reading in Arduino
• Data visualization in Processing for easy analysis

Day 2:
• More advanced terminology and tools
• User Interface setup with Arduino
• User interface and pressure sensor combination
• Q&A with students to help them build their future projects.

Online Workshop

This 4 hours online workshop will be held as two 2 hours workshop over two days via video webinar. We will have an online community chat to share your questions during and beyond the workshop. Please contact us if you have any additional questions at [email protected]

This workshop requires a LOOMIA Prototyping 101 Pack in order to participate. The cost of the pack is included in the tuition fee, and we ask workshop participants to please register by September 4 to allow time for the course materials to be mailed out.

LOOMIA Prototyping 101 Packs each include:
• Arduino Uno
• Alligator Clips
• Jumper wire
• Resistor set
• Breadboard
• Headers
• NPN Mosfet
• 2 3.7V Lipo batteries
• 3.7V lipo battery charger
• Thermochromic ink and paper
• 1 LOOMIA Simple Pressure Sensor
• 1 LOOMIA Backlit UI Button
• 1 LOOMIA heater


Madison Maxey

Madison Maxey

Hey, There. I'm Maddy.
I'm your instructor for this workshop! My company has built e-textile systems for household names like Google and Microsoft I've been featured by Forbes, WIRED and American Express. My professional life has been spent fusing together design and technology and I know how tricky it can be to get started with hardware prototyping coming from a non-hardware background. That's why I specifically designed this course around the needs of beginners to help overcome barriers for getting started with technical projects. Even if you don't have a background in tech, engineering, or electrics, you can get a solid foundationask for advice, and avoid costly mistakes (like setting your battery on fire—whoops!) in a friendly, judgement free environment. Whether you want to take your career to the next level, or simply become a Woz-like tinkerer, I hope you'll join us.

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