Gray Area 2017 Incubator Showcase

Join us on February 23rd for a Showcase of work by our Cultural Incubator members! $5-$20 Sliding Scale Entry. 7:00pm-9:00pm. Cash bar 21+.

The Cultural Incubator Program a 6-Month commitment to develop meaningful works at the intersection of art and technology. We are seeking skilled creatives to join our collaborative environment to incubate their concepts and provoke new ideas with their work.


Claudia Miranda "Soft Dissolve"
Soft Dissolve is a passive VR game that combines layered abstract visuals with texture rich ambient audio to simulate the experience of decay.

Katharine VanderDrift, "Code Art Project"
How do humans experience things? How do machines experience things? Code Art puts these two experience side by side to open up the world of computing and highlight its humor and poetry.

Joseph Lukasik, "me/mbrane"
An interactive art piece for exploring a few arbitrary ports that pass across the me/mbrane between the digital and physical worlds, and a way of reme/mbering rapidly obsoleting physical media devices in an increasingly wireless age. http://jgl.me/mbrane

Heart of the City, "Heart of the City"
Heart of the City is a social news platform developing alongside a documentary film investigating the socioeconomic divide in San Francisco through the lens of the Tenderloin neighborhood and its adjacent districts. The project seeks to re-imagine the fourth wall and stimulate social media discussions to integrate with the narrative of the film and other supplemental content.

Niki Selken, "EmojiFlower VR"
Have you ever wanted to live in a musical wonderland of flowers and Emoji? Now you can. EmojiFlower is an art-game that combines 90s music video interiors and Interactive Emoji set in Virtual Reality with music. EmojiFlower VR ???????? is experienced with Google Cardboard.

Kristin Neidlinger, "AWElectric"
Inspired by the phrase, That gave me goosebumps. Did you feel it too? The AWElectric animates the emotionally based goosebumps, amplifies them, and shares the feeling to another. AWElectric pau de deux is a duet design with biomedia (bio-responsive animating) that reads the emotional peak of awe, a subtle mix of wonder and fear, with a series of biosensors. Then, the sensation is animated and amplified with inflatable 3d printed Goosebump Fractals. Next, this sensation is sent to the receiver design via AudioTactile fabric that plays the frequency to induce the rush of goosebumps up the spine and down the arms in the other person. AWElectric shares the feeling and could also be used as a training tool to repattern the sensation.

Symmetry Labs, "Sugar Cubes"
Symmetry Lab's Sugar Cubes will be on display at our Incubator Showcase. The Cubes are a new type of 3D lighting fixture that is modular, versatile and lightweight, optimal for interactive light and sound art.

Gabriel Dunne & Ryan Alexander, "Seaquence"
Seaquence is a music making app that enables you to create soundscapes with collections of swimming musical creatures.

Ray McClure & Fluorescent Grey, "Shadow Theatre"
Musician Fluorescent Grey commissioned 3D artist and developer Ray McClure to create a virtual space to accommodate the brooding and frenetic sounds of his virtual orchestra--an array of Yamaha physical modeling synthesizers. Together they developed a virtual theater set resembling an abandoned hybrid cathedral theater and Soviet WWII-era bunker. Sun rays generated by the music bounce hypnotically across the structure and begin to leak through the windows and cracks as the orchestra serenades the shadows that flow across the virtual facade.