Gray Area Artist Showcase Summer 2021

Join us for the opening of the latest Gray Area Artist Showcase! For the first time, Gray Area will be presenting the Artist Showcase as a hybrid experience, inviting the audience to interact with the artists' newest works both online in the virtual gallery, and onsite at the Grand Theater.

On July 8, we'll celebrate the virtual Gray Area Artist Showcase opening, which will premiere artworks critically exploring machine learning, glitch, and digital ontology. Works range from a 3D environmental interactive music video, to hyperobject photogrammetry, to teaching a machine to breathe. Hosted online via a networked virtual gallery, the exhibition features works from our Incubator members and Creative Code Immersive students from around the world, and engages with our global audience while exploring new ways of experiencing art in digital spaces.

Don't miss the newest works from fresh talent in the Gray Area Artist Showcase, our biannual exhibition of artwork fostered within our Artist Incubator and Creative Code Immersive education program, and stay tuned for our onsite opening this Summer!

Incubator Artists

- Brandon Eversole
- Jacky Lu
- Steven Piasecki

Creative Code Immersive Artists

- Carlotta Aoun
- Coley Mixan
- Janelle Chan
- Dave Elfving
- Tywen Kelly
- Zachary Leong

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