Gray Area Incubator Artist Salon 2019.2

Incubator projects explore the intersection of art, technology and social critique.


6:00 - 6:30 pm: Event registration
6:30 - 8:30 pm: 10 Minute Talks
8:30 - 9:00 pm: Event Wrap Up


Open to the public sliding scale entry $5-$25
Free for Gray Area Members
All Ages, 21+ Bar

Join us for the next Gray Area Incubator Artist Salon, where select members of our 2019.2 Incubator cohort will share their projects in development and we invite you to contribute your feedback. Select Incubator members will present their work in a TED-style talk with a question and answer period from the audience.


David McConville
Douglas Blumeyer
Romie Littrell
Stephanie Andrews
Stephen Standridge
Steven Piasecki
Yulia Pinkusevich

Incubator Program Artists: Anastasia Victor, Brandon Eversole, Douglas Blumeyer, Stephanie Andrews, Stephen Standridge, and Steven Piasecki.

Experiential Space Research Lab Artists: Brenda (Bz) Zhang, Celeste Martore, Jonathon Keats, Kelly Skye, Kevin Bernard Moultrie Daye, Orestis Herodotou, Rena Tom, Romie Littrell, Stephanie Andrews, Stephen Standridge, Yulia Pinkusevich.

Learn more about our Incubator members here.

Please note that we are currently accepting applications for our 2020.1 Incubator, which begins January 2020. Learn more and apply here.


Anastasia Victor

Anastasia is an artist / designer who creates installation and graphic art to explore her interests in digital technologies, physical spaces and human-computer interaction. Her background is in architecture and she holds a MArch from UC Berkeley. Over the past decade she has explored a range of domains and tectonics, from ecological systems to digital media. She is currently focused on creating works for virtual, augmented and mixed reality that challenge the ways we interact with our environments and each other.

Brenda (Bz) Zhang

Brenda is an artist, designer, fabricator, teacher, and organizer who co-founded the Oakland and Rio de Janeiro-based architectural collective SPACE INDUSTRIES. Seeing architecture as a social and cultural practice, her oeuvre seeks to leverage tools of the architectural discipline to produce work that challenges aesthetic, cultural, and socioeconomic assumptions.

Celeste Martore

Celeste Martore is a designer, athlete, and artist from the East Bay. She is a member of the architectural design collective SPACE INDUSTRIES. Her work toes the line between storytelling and architecture, seeing spatial design as a way to reframe cultural narratives. Her work spans multiple industries, including tech, film, theater, exhibition design and immersive art.

Jonathon Keats

Jonathon is a conceptual artist and philosopher widely known for his conceptually-driven, interdisciplinary art projects. Using thought experiments as his medium, his work questions assumptions about self, society, and technology. In addition to authoring six works, his work has been shown at institutions including LACMA, The Long Now Foundation, Crocker Art Museum, and many more.

Kelly Skye

Combining environmental science and digital art, Kelly is an artist-ecologist whose work centers on designing and visualizing regenerative landscapes with post-disciplinary systems thinking. Most recently, Kelly has been working on the Atlas of Distressed Geographies, a visual narrative and comprehensive research project that traces the edges of desertification around the world.

Kevin Bernard Moultrie Daye

As co-founder of of the architectural collective SPACE INDUSTRIES, Kevin brings his experience in design, curation, and project management. Seeing architecture as a social and cultural practice, he expands on his architectural training through through writing, teaching, and artistic practices to challenge aesthetic, cultural, and socioeconomic assumptions.

Orestis Herodotou

Orestis is a software engineer who builds geospatial and satellite imagery analysis tools to help uncover actionable insights about our changing planet. An avid sailor and an ambassador of 5Gyres Institute, he brings his passion for environmentalism in taking action against plastic pollution in oceans through citizen-science research and educational programs.

Rena Tom

With deep ties in a myriad of creative communities, Rena builds on her background in design, community-building, and curation to bring artistic visions to life. She creates participatory experiences that addresses ethics, diversity, and curiosity to cultivate social presence and collective growth.

Romie Littrell

Leveraging interactive art as a vehicle for scientific communication, Romie designs immersive experiences to engage new audiences. With a focus in bioengineering, he has spearheaded a multitude of science and health-centered initiatives to inspire new modes of understanding at institutions including The Tech and National Science Foundation.

Stephanie Andrews

Stephanie is a creative technologist, creative code educator, immersive experience developer, independent fabricator and local maker. Much of her art practice is centered around developing curious compositional methods and participatory installations that foster collaboration, communication, empathy, creative agency, and imaginative play.

Stephen Standridge

Exploring interaction systems through digital art, Stephen utilizes techniques such as procedural generation, projection mapping,  and physical computing to create interactive installations exploring dimensionality and perception. In the Experiential Space Research Lab, he will further his artistic explorations into the subtle and fundamental dialogue between environment and mind.

Steven Piasecki

Born in Iowa, Steve Piasecki moved to San Francisco in 1993 after having completed a BFA in photography and computer graphics from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1992. During his time in the Bay Area, Steve has worked in web development, online advertising, software interface development, and has continued his art practice. His current work focuses on the cross roads between nature, perception, technology and consciousness. Starting with images of insects and flowers, using video projection to layer images on top of photos, and using ambient sound to drive video animations, his work entices and encourages the viewers to contemplate and meditate on their relationship with nature and existence.

Yulia Pinkusevich

Yulia is a visual artist and educator whose expansive set of tools includes charcoal, ink, salt, concrete, polypropylene, metal, wood, and even light and shadow. Having completed residencies at institutions such as Autodesk Pier 9, Facebook HQ, and Recology, she creates provocative works at large scales that explore the psychology of space.

This event is a Gray Area Production and free to Gray Area members.