RECOMBINANT 2020: Fennesz / Byetone / Ryoichi Kurokawa / 404.zero

On March 6-7, Recombinant Media Labs (RML) stages a 2-day Edition
RECOMBINANT 2020 - A Widescreen & Sound Spectacle Performance Program.

Day 1

Fennesz & Lillevan (Austria & Germany)
“Agora” and other concert works

Byetone (Germany)
Techno-tronic rhythmic frameworks from Raster Music

Saariselka (USA)
Atmospheric ambient Americana by Marielle Jakobson (synths & voice) and Chuck Johnson (pedal steel and treatments).

Spider Compass Good Crime Band (USA)
Experimental noise performance art music unit

Britton Powell (USA)
Hyperreal mixed media, presenting new work "If Anything Is”

International electro-acoustic multi channel surround audio works with Daniel Neumann and others.


Ryoichi Kurokawa (Japan & Germany)
subassemblies - American Immersive Film Premiere

404.zero (Russia)
US Debut of Jet Lag, mind-melting generative AV

Pod Blotz + Chelley Sherman (USA)
Otherworldly cathartic mix of electronics, modular synthesis, vox, rhythmic elements, tape manipulation, metals and field recordings with Chelley Sherman’s ( SF ) trans-visual aural optic interplay.

Schmitt (USA)
Psychedelic extreme computer music hardcore
Aigokeros: Hallucinatory aural apex architectonics
Article Collection: Synthetic Aeronautical Spectra for morphological states

Amma Ateria (USA)
Externalized daydream futurisms through resonance of stillness and noise

DAY 1 & 2

A light inducement Experience by James Nestor / Allison Pelissier


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