THE END OF YOU Series: Artist Panel With Institute for the Future

Sunday, February 23
2 – 3:30pm

Free with entry to exhibition
Reservation required

Discover how artists and creative technologists are collaborating to push the boundaries of experience. To augment our current immersive exhibition, Gray Area brings together the artists and curators of the exhibition in discussion. Join us for a conversation on the context, technologies, and techniques that brought the Experiential Space Research Lab to life.

The artists and curators will discuss the driving forces behind the immersive exhibition. The curators’ panel will explore the motivations and context, including the process for developing the open call to explore the relationship between media art and Gaian systems. The artists will provide illuminating insight on the inspirations behind the boundary-pushing work, the technology that powers the project, and the potential of cross-disciplinary collaboration. The artists will present on their areas of expertise and discuss immersive design practices and environmental techniques utilized in the exhibition to expand on the concept and background of this expansive work. The artist talk will conclude with a question and answer period from the audience.

Panels will be moderated by Institute for the Future’s Emerging Media Lab Director Toshi Hoo.

Panel 1: Creative Advisors
David McConville and Dawn Danby, Spherical Studio
Barry Threw, Executive Director, Gray Area

Panel 2: Artists
Stephanie Andrews, Jonathon Keats, Kelly Skye, Kevin Bernard Moultrie Daye, Celeste Martore, Orestis Herodotou, Romie Littrell, Yulia Pinkusevich

Moderator: Toshi Hoo, Emerging Media Lab Director at Institute For The Future

THE END OF YOU Event & Workshop Series

This event is part of a series of programming for the immersive exhibition THE END OF YOU.
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