Work of Women Artist: BArCuMT + Gray Area

BArCMuT Presents the Work of Women Artists Technologists:

The presenters are:
* VISDA GOUDARZI (Stanford CCRMA), will present Fosotomo/Gestonic/Neuroklang a video-based interface for the sonification of hand gesture for real-time timbre control. The goal of the system is to survey the space of musical possibilities and generating computer music using human movements. The system is build up on top of chuck and processing and uses simple frame difference as the metric.

* Composer CHERYL E. LEONARD will discuss how she creates music with natural objects, materials and sounds. She will demonstrate several of her unique natural-object instruments, including ones constructed with materials, such as penguin bones and limpet shells, that she collected in Antarctica last year.

* SURABHI SARAF will present her recent audio/visual works. She is interested in the dense, layered structure of sound with a focus on creating dynamic physical experiences. Her short performance will involve live singing and digital manipulation of the sound.

* JULIA OGRYDZIAK will present on working with the K-Bow, a new technology from Keith McMillen Instruments, which provides expressive live controls through a specially designed blue-tooth bow, transforming the possibilities of string performance. She will show how the bow works and give a live performance.

In addition, we will have awesome short LIGHTNING TALKS:
* SARAH GRANT says “i will be discussing my latest work using conductive felt as an interface for sound. i am interested in drawing connections between the similar properties of sound and fabric — specifically texture and the malleability and layering of form.”

* PETER KIRN (representing the Kokoromi collective of women and men) on the GAFFTA exhibit of ONE BUTTON OBJECTS: What can you do with one button? In an age of ever-more-complex touch interfaces, we’d like to imagine what a single, tangible, hardware button can mean for a design. To celebrate the arrival of their Gamma game event in San Francisco, art game collective Kokoromi is teaming up with Create Digital Music and Create Digital Motion to launch a one night show of objects that respond to this question. The work extends from games to interactive art and musical instruments.