Photos: Gray Area Showcase 2019.1

  •  Jun 19, 2019
  •  Gray Area Photos

Gray Area's biannual showcases invite the public to experience new artwork developed by our Incubator Members and Creative Code Immersive Students.

For two days in June, artists transformed the Grand Theater into a dynamic series of interactive installations, using augmented reality to physical objects and everything in between. See highlights from the showcase below.

Featured Artists:
Incubator Program Artists: Anastasia Victor, Kieran Farr , Marc Schroeder, Sean Stillwell, Shihan Zhang, Stephanie Andrews, Stephen Standridge, and Steven Piasecki.
Immersive Program Artists: Anahita Aliasgarian, Andrew Lux, Arif Qazi, Ayse Demir, David Sasson, George Michel, Jonathan Lancaster, Kaylie Alexa Kwon, Serena Elston, and Sophia Cui.
ZERO1 Artist: Dasha Ortenberg