Now accepting applications for our Spring/Summer Cohort

Applications Due March 1st, 2017

Gray Area’s Cultural Incubator program supports creative individuals and teams– from a wide array of disciplines– to develop, make and showcase projects within a rich social environment. We offer opportunities for participation through memberships, research labs, and fiscal sponsorship.
We support artists and creative practitioners who critically investigate new cultures and ideas, create and adapt technologies through their work, and engage with pressing social and civic issues.

Memberships provide various levels of access to workspace in order to develop projects through peer-mentorship, group critiques and public presentations.

Research Labs

Research Labs are multidisciplinary teams challenged to create new work around specific themes and can be provided with space and a stipend.

Fiscal Sponsorship

Fiscal sponsorship allows new community ventures to more quickly and efficiently get off the ground, without the delay or bureaucratic red-tape associated with incorporating and filing federal and state applications for tax exemptions.

Featured Projects




Gray Area’s quarterly UNSEEN Series presents site-specific, collaborative performances by Bay Area artists and explores current practices in immersive media, including expanded cinema, video and sound art, experimental music and technology. There is an ongoing open call for artists interested in participating during 2017!



peepSHOW is an urban viewing station that focuses the gaze and thoughts of a passersby onto obscure or concealed street scenes.



#NEWPALMYRA is an online community platform and data repository dedicated to the capture, preservation, sharing, and creative reuse of data about the ancient city of Palmyra.



Syphon is a state of the art realtime video collaboration tool, allowing differing applications to share video in realtime, interactively, with incredible efficiency and little limitation. The authors have partnered with Gray Area to raise the funds that they need in order to update Syphon to remain a viable open standard in the future.


Living Room Light Exchange

LIVING ROOM LIGHT EXCHANGE is a media art salon created to look critically at new media art as a form in and of itself, rather than as a spectacle or market driven force.


Fugue Machine

Music App by Alexander Randon. FUGUE MACHINE is the world’s first multi-playhead piano roll. Create a musical sequence and play it back with up to four playheads at once — each at various speeds, directions, and pitches. With this interface, you see the playheads dance over the music sequence, and hear the complex patterns that emerge. It’s mesmerizing.


Patents and Robbery in San Francisco (2000-2014)

Recent network analysis theory suggests that as city populations grow, numbers of patents and crimes will grow at an even faster rate.



IRL Carpet is an interactive installation that uses simple geometric heuristics for shot composition in an attempt to reveal filmmaking processes to the audience and isolate their emotional charges.


Amazing Grace and Computers

Pairing an array of cameras, virtual reality, and audio hardware Ray built a monument to the bonding of human and computer senses and transcendence of biology.


Mosaic of Change

Mosaic of Change applies creativity and technology to accelerate work and improve communications between Change Makers and Change Seekers in an effort to reshape the future of human ecology on our planet.


Zachary Watson Memorial Education Fund

The fund exists to honor the memory of Zachary Watson, our friend and colleague, who died at the age of 29, after a traffic collision.



Artup is a community blog, meetup and monthly grant interested in supporting technologically engaged artists, projects and organizations on the West Coast.


Art Hack Day

Art Hack Day is an internet-based nonprofit dedicated to hackers whose medium is art and artists whose medium is tech.



Bridge is a platform that facilitates real time information exchange and action through multiple devices, including web, mobile phone, and kiosks.



A project to map art in D.C., San Francisco & Oakland together. Seek Art. Stay Curious.


Puzl Cult

PuzlCult is a social media and web based set of puzzles and contests which will encompass a wide range of popular and visual culture, from film, music, art and beyond.