Algorithmic Art Assembly

UPDATE: At Gray Area, community safety is our priority, and we remain committed to creating a safe space to come together. At this time, we're postponing Algorithmic Art Assembly to March 2022. ️All tickets will be honored for the new dates. If you have purchased a ticket, we will be in touch separately via email. Thank you for your continued support!

Algorithmic Art Assembly returns to Gray Area for a second year of creative subversions. A multiday conference and music festival, the event showcases a diverse range of artists using algorithms in art and music, encompassing script writing, filmmaking and video games. From live coding visuals and music at algoraves, this event celebrates artists using algorithms for aesthetics.

Daytime talks will present speakers introducing and demonstrating their algorithmic art practices. Evening performances will be heavily based upon the algorave format, in which the dancefloor is accompanied by a look behind the veil, with artists projecting a livestream of their code on screen. The festival will also feature workshops in an intimate setting, creating an opportunity for you to learn how to create live coded music.

Past Highlights

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Gray Area / Grand Theater
2665 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

Monday – Friday
10am – 6pm
After 6pm dependent on events.