Algorithmic Art Assembly 2022

Two years in the making, Algorithmic Art Assembly returns to Gray Area for a new round of creative subversions. A multiday conference and music festival, the event showcases a diverse range of artists using algorithms in art and music, encompassing script writing, filmmaking and video games. From live coding visuals and music at algoraves, this event celebrates artists using algorithms for aesthetics.

Daytime talks will present speakers introducing and demonstrating their algorithmic art practices. Evening performances will be heavily based upon the algorave format, in which the dancefloor is accompanied by a look behind the veil, with artists projecting a livestream of their code on screen.

This event takes place both in-person at Gray Area and live-streamed online, so you can join whichever way you prefer. All ticket purchases include in-person and online streaming access*. Workshop tickets must be purchased separately.

We offer Scholarships for discounted 3-Day Festival passes. Apply here.

Proof of vaccination and masks required.
Read more about our visitor guidelines.

If you purchased a ticket for the postponed Algorithmic Art Assembly event in 2020, it will still be valid for this new date. Thank you for your continued support!

* Richard Devine's set will not be available via online streaming, per request of the artist.


Thursday, March 10, 2022

Thursday Night: Algorave!

7:30pm / 18+ / Proof of vaccination and masks required.

Thursday night opens the Algorithmic Art Assembly with a local San Francisco flavored start:
• Two talks by leading Bay Area designers and internet artists, Rich DDT and d0n.xyz
• Algorave , featuring live performances by local AV Club members Sophia Sanbornhaute.rod,
Idea Unsound, Nobel Yoo, rtyler, d0n.xyz, Dan Gorelick, subfeels, and visiting coders
• Finishing with a full AV set by William Fields

• 8:00pm - Rich DDT
• 8:30pm - D0n.xyz
• 9:00pm - A/V Club
• 12:00am - William Fields

Algorave Tickets: $20–$25
3-Day Festival Pass: $75–$125

Friday, March 11, 2022

Friday Daytime Presentations

11am / All Ages
Proof of vaccination and masks required.

Artist talks and presentation by Shader Park, John Bischoff, Chris Carlson, Amy Alexander, Lauren Sarah Hayes, and Hannah Davis.
Mark Fell, Rian Treanor, and James Bradbury will remotely present their web audio based collaborative synth engine in a live conversation hosted by Marc Weidenbaum.

• 11:30am - Shader Park
• 12:15pm - Ross Goodwin
• 1:10pm - Mark Fell, Rian Treanor and James Bradbury
• 1:55pm - Performance by Mark Fell and Rian Treanor
• 2:50pm - John Bischoff
• 3:35pm - Chris Carlson
• 4:20pm - Lauren Sarah Hayes

Friday Day Pass: $90
Friday Night Performance Only: $20-$25
3-Day Festival Pass : $75–$125

Friday Night Performances

8:30pm / 18+
Proof of vaccination and masks required.

Algorithmic Art Assembly's second night of live performances brings producer and dj Trash Panda QC, {arsonist}'s unique symphonic form of computer music, live electronics improviser and sound artist Lauren Sarah Hayes, composer and digital artist Myriam Bleau, and RM Francis.

• 8:40pm - RM Francis
• 9:20pm - {arsonist}
• 10:10pm - Lauren Sarah Hayes
• 11:00pm - Trash Panda QC
• 11:50pm - Myriam Bleau

Saturday, March 12, 2022

Saturday Daytime Presentations

11am / All Ages
Proof of vaccination and masks required.

Artist talks by Phil Burk, Cassie Tarakajian, Ross Goodwin, William Fields and RM Francis.
Saturday's day program will also premiere the Barcelona remote Algorithmic Art Assembly node. This first live geographic collaboration will run concurrently at Hangar in Barcelona, a centre for arts production and research, working with the Intelligent Instruments Lab, run by Jack Armitage and Thor Magnusson. For 80 minutes, they will host and introduce several local BCN artists, streaming live to us here in San Francisco.

• 11:30am - William Fields
• 12:15pm - Phil Burk
• 1:10pm - remote interview: Jack Armitage - Intelligent Instruments Lab
• 1:55pm - Lil Data performing alongside local artists Eloi el bon noi, Alicia Champlin and QBRNTHSS.
• 2:50pm - RM Francis
• 3:35pm - Cassie Tarakajian
• 4:15pm - Amy Alexander

Saturday Day Pass: $90
Saturday Night Performance Only: $20-$25
3-Day Festival Pass : $75–$125

Saturday Night Performances

8:30pm / 18+
Proof of vaccination and masks required.

Algorithmic Art Assembly 2022's closing night features Richard Devine's layered and heavily processed sounds, sharp synthesis and drums with TidalCycles pattern code by Kindohm, and algorithmic music performances by SPACEFILLER with Mick Marchan presenting their newest audiovisual piece, Ellen Phan, Tom Hall and CNDSD.

• 8:50pm - SPACEFILLER
• 9:20pm - Ellen Phan
• 10:10pm - Tom Hall
• 11:00pm - CNDSD
• 11:50pm - Kindohm
• 12:40am - Richard Devine


This year, we're excited to partner with Algorithmic Art Assembly artists to offer two new live-coding workshops for audio and visual performance.

Please enroll separately for individual workshops below.

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